Emergency Services
The Civil Air Patrol supports and conducts various types of real world Emergency Services. In fact the only plane in the air on September 12th 2001 was a Civil air Patrol Aircraft taking damage assessment photos of Ground Zero. The Civil Air Patrol provides Communications as requested both as support and as the primary provider as requested by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, FEMA, Homeland Security, as well as other local and state agencies. We conduct missing person and missing / overdue aircraft searches, airborne and ground damage assessment photography, point of distribution and shelter management. 

We train extensively to provide the services listed above both in the classroom and in the field to ensure that we are mission ready at all times. Most recently this squadron has participated in the mission listed below. This list does not include missions that this squadron was placed on alert for.

ELT (Emergency Location Transponder) Search Poquoson, VA
F15-C Aircraft Crash in Deerfield, VA